DIY Solar Light Powered Jack-O-Lantern

I posted a little project I worked on this weekend and was pleasantly surprised that a few people asked how I did it. So here are some simple instructions and details on how I made my solar light powered jack-o-lanterns. Hopefully, the instructions help you.

Items needed:
Plastic pumpkin pail (we bought ours from Wal-mart for $1 each)
Solar powered stake light (here is the information for the ones we bought from Lowe’s: Portfolio 4x Brighter (4.8-Lumen) Charcoal Brown Solar Integrated LED Path LightItem #688466Model #MS16MH-R5-CB-T25, prices may vary but we paid $5.98 each)

1. First, flip the pumpkin pail over and cut a hole in the bottom large enough to slide the base of the stake light through.
2. Find the location of where you want the pumpkin to be set up. Remember, it will have to be in an area with sun exposure to charge the light.
3. Once you’ve found your location, set the pumpkin and push the stake light (from the top of the pumpkin pail) through the hole you cut earlier.
4. Make sure you only push the stake into the ground (or in our case, the bale of pine straw) far enough to be sturdy, but also so that the solar panel still can be exposed to sunlight.
5. That’s honestly it. If you have any questions, let us know through our contact form or social media pages.
5. Enjoy!