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Mission Statement
The purpose of the Halloween Preservation Society shall be to promote, research, and archive the historical artifacts and information associated with Halloween in conjunction with the education, appreciation, observance, and recognition of the diverse history and practices associated with the holiday.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to maintain a community-sponsored organization that showcases the significance of Halloween through fund-raising, recreational, and educational events for the enjoyment of anyone interested in the cultural and historical importance of the holiday.

About Membership
We invite you to become a member of the Halloween Preservation Society. As a member, you are helping to preserve and maintain the historical integrity and importance of Halloween. Your membership helps us fund research, aids in the procurement of important artifacts related to Halloween, allows us to commission artists to help showcase the holiday, and many other beneficial services.

Halloween has quickly become one of the largest holidays in the United States, but its history and origins still remain a mystery to so many. We want to ensure that Halloween’s origins and rich bloodline aren’t lost in the decorations each year…while also celebrating the fun and pageantry involved with this great holiday.

The last day in October has become the source of so much joy to so many, is a mix of both religious and secular importance, and continues to bring together people from all walks of life through its customs and sense of community.

We aim to #PreserveHalloween.

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Individual Membership: $31 per year

Please click the image on the sidebar or shop/store in the menu to purchase your membership.