The WPA Federal Art Project

The Federal Art Project (which existed between 1935–43) was a New Deal program to fund the visual arts in the United States. It was created not as a cultural activity but as a relief measure to employ artists, which in turn, resulted in over 200,000 works of art during its existence.

The WPA Federal Art Project established more than 100 community art centers and sustained some 10,000 artists and craft workers during the Great Depression, which provided projects for both out-of-work artists and art for non-federal municipal buildings and public spaces.

The project commissioned a significant body of public art without restriction to content or subject, including this silk screened poster called “October’s ‘bright blue weather’ A good time to read!.” This was made for the WPA Statewide Library Project, Chicago : Illinois WPA Art Project by artist Albert M. Bender, sometime between 1936 and 1940.

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